hyva klapp

Hyva has developed its own hydraulic tipping valve: the PT-valve (proportional tipping). The PT-valve can be used for oil flows from 80 up to 220 per minute. The pressure settings are from 150 to 350 bar. The PT-valve has fully interchangeable pressure cartridges, so you can adjust the pressure settings yourself. Dual pressure valves are available as well. For flows smaller than 80 L/min you can use our DHM-range.


  • Extreme low flow resistance
  • Quick lowering time
  • PT-valves are equipped with a regulator for adjusting the lowering speed of the tipper body to increase safety and the lifetime of the equipment
  • Automatic hold position after P.T.O. is disengaged
  • Pilot pressure relief valve is opened once the maximum set pressure has been obtained to increase the lifetime of the pump and your hydraulic equipment
  • Pressure gauge connection for testing purposes fitted standard on the PT-valve
  • Pre-adjusted pressure cartridges ensure that the working pressure will never exceed the maximum allowed pressure and that inexpert people can not tamper with the valve
  • Working pressures available from 135 up to 350 bar and dual pressure valves are available
  • AII variations equipped with the same housing to ensure interchangeability of valves and parts
  • Shock absorbing valve on the PT-valve to prevent peak pressures caused by applying the brakes or accelerator while tipping
  • PT valves allow an oil flow up to 220 L/min. DHM-valves have a maximum oil flow of 80 L/min

Mounting of the Hyva valves

The Hyva PT-valves & DHM valves can be mounted in line on the chassis or direct on the oil tank. Mounting on the tank block will save you the costs of an extra hose and the time to mount a required bracket. The PT-valve and the DHM-valve can be mounted on the same block. The PT-valves are controlled with a Hyva air control or manually. The DHM-valves are controlled by a cable control or by a Hyva air control.