Hydraulic pumps

Hyva supplies a complete range of gear pumps and piston pumps. All our pumps are internationally recognised for their reliability and long service life. In 2005 we have introduced our new series of Hyva gear pumps, the BRITE series. With the BRITE series Hyva is able to cover the whole market for tippers with only seven standard gear pump types. All gear pumps are bi-rotational, they have both rear and side connections (hoses can be mounted both on the side and on the back of the pump). The Hyva gear pumps are extremely strong. All pumps have an ISO 4-hole flange which gives the possibility to adopt high torques. The pumps consist of a unique shaft sealing systems with three seals of which the first seal is made of viton. This sealing creates a pump that is leak free and that will prevent any standstill situation because of a leakage. Also the bearings are much stronger, so the BRITE gear pump is the most reliable gear pump available.

High quality
Few different types (standard solutions)
Rear and side mounting of the hoses
Leak-free (no standstill) because of unique shaft sealing system
Designed for high torques with an ISO 4-hole with shaft DIN 5462 8x32x36
Strong bearing configuration, suitable for 2C P.T.O.'s without bearing on bottom gear
BSP thread connections, easy to choose the right fittings
Suitable for direct mounting on 1C P.T.O.

Hyva piston pumps
The Hyva bent axis piston pumps can be mounted directly on the truck P. T.O. and with a shaft and flange to a cardan shaft transmission system. The new generation of uni-directional pumps has proven to be very reliable for high pressure applications up to 400 bar.

Technical features
The bent axis design results in small overall dimensions. Due to its optimum suction characteristics the pump can be mounted above the reservoir level and has a high overall efficiency. The output flow is proportional to input speed and displacement. Changing of the rotation is simple (by turning the end cover 180). Due to the internal draining system no drain tubing is required.
Advantages of the Hyva piston pumps
• Operation pressures up to 380 bar (400 bar peak pressure)
• Flow ranges from 40 up to 80 cc / revolution
• One year guarantee
• Reversible direction of rotation
• High specific output kW/kg from 2.8 to 4.5