HYVA offers you a wide range of cranes, which can be mounted to trucks but are also used e.g in maritime affairs. Even the most pretentious customer can find a suitable crane from the choice of HYVA cranes as they range up to 74 Tm, can be mounted according to the need and to different types of vehicles, can be operated by radio and include many comfort functions already as a standard.

EES - Extra Extension Speed – This is a special regenerative valve which re-uses hydraulic oil during extension, ensuring high speed without compromising the safety of the crane.

SDS - Smooth Decent System – This system compensates for boom oscillisation, ensuring smooth movement of the load.

TCU - Total Control Unit – This is a monitoring unit to control all aspects of the crane´s operation, inform of dangers and necessity of maintenance.

LCS - Lift Control System – This system increases the capacity of the crane by 10%. It also reduces the speed of the crane when it is near maximum capacity.

LAS - Lift Rod Articulating System – This system guarantees that the lifting capacity of the crane is constant in all boom positions.